Keeping up with links in Slack is hard

By day, I run SupportKit the easiest way to chat with your web and mobile users

We've got a fairly sizeable team on it now and I find it difficult to keep up with all the articles and links that are shared across our channels on any given day

Enter Slack to RSS

That's why I decided to build this handy little web app that generates an RSS feed of the links shared in any of your team's public Slack channels. You can add these feeds to any RSS reader, like Feedly or Flipboard, and then keep up with them on the go, in an interface made for reading.

Get started in seconds

To get started, simply grab your API token for your Slack team. You can generate it here.

Next simply clicking this button to Deploy to Heroku and you'll be up and running: Deploy

Support or Contact

I'm not always able to answer quickly but I do try to help everyone out. Best way is to hit me up on twitter